Introducing CodeRed Cloud

Fully managed hosting and support for Django, Wagtail, and WordPress websites.

Host professional-grade websites without any configuration, infrastructure, or 3rd party services. Just copy your existing code and click a button to deploy. Let CodeRed handle the rest.

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How it Works

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Write Code, Click Button is inspired by simplicity and “it just works” philosophy. Simply write plain vanilla Django, Wagtail, WordPress, or static site code. No special configuration or 3rd party services required.

Then, deploy your site with a single command (cr deploy), or using SFTP, and your site is live in a matter of seconds!

Automate deployments on git push with GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, or any continuous integration system.

Command Line Tool

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Worry-Free Hosting for Agencies and Businesses

Simple. CodeRed handles everything for you: database, static + media files, daily backups, a staging environment for testing*, SSL certificates, and even automatic security patches.

Reliable. Our platform monitors your site 24x7 and pages a CodeRed engineer if your site goes down*. Engineers will resolve the problem, or quickly notify you to minimize impact.

Supported. With 1 hour of consulting per month* our support team is ready to help troubleshoot your Django, Wagtail, or WordPress code.

Inspired Security Suite

Free SSL

Full Encryption

Auto Security Patches

We take security seriously. Each website includes an SSL certificate by default, full data encryption in motion and at rest, encrypted backups, detailed audit logs, and frequent security patches. That includes patches to OS, Python/PHP, and even packages such as Django, Wagtail, or WordPress plugins.

Content Optimization

CSS+JS Minification

Image Compression

Global CDN

Our optimization service* is built on Google Pagespeed and automatically combines and minifies JavaScript and CSS. Images are compressed and optimized on the fly to further reduce page load times. Finally, these optimized assets are cached and served over a global content delivery network*.

High-Powered Hardware

Built on Azure


Premium SSDs

CodeRed Cloud runs on premium tier Microsoft Azure infrastructure: massive D-Series machines, premium solid-state storage, and high-availability databases. Each website runs in a secure container with reserved resources. Python/PHP workers use in-memory caches to serve up requests at lightning-fast speeds.

* Available on Professional plan or higher.

Developer News

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All plans run on premium hardware, include our full suite of security features, a free website migration, and 99.9% uptime.


$0 /month

For students, prototypes, or try before you buy.

1 Python or PHP worker

MariaDB or PostgreSQL database

1 GB media + database storage

Daily backups stored for 3 days

* domain


$25 /month

Great for clubs, small groups, and personal websites.

2 Python or PHP workers

MariaDB or PostgreSQL database

5 GB media + database storage

Daily backups stored for 7 days

Custom domain name

Daily cron jobs

8x5 email support


$100 /month

For business, non-profit, and government websites.

4 Python or PHP workers

MariaDB or PostgreSQL database

20 GB media + database storage

Daily backups stored for 180 days

Custom domain name

Hourly cron jobs

8x5 email & phone support with priority response times

— Plus —

24x7 uptime monitoring — pings a CodeRed engineer if your site goes down at any time for any reason.

1-hour consulting per month with a Django, Wagtail, or WordPress expert to assist with your website.

Staging site to test changes.

Automatic image, CSS, and JavaScript optimization

Global Content Delivery Network

Free static site for use with React, Angular, Vue, etc. front-ends


Contact Us

For large sites or complex applications.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated database servers

Custom storage capacity

Custom backups

Custom domain name

Custom cron jobs

Email & phone support, plus dedicated account manager

— Plus —

Everything from Professional plan

Redis, Elasticsearch, MongoDB available

Prices in U.S. Dollars per website per month. See plan & pricing details.

Our Backstory

CodeRed LLC was founded in 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA as a web development and cloud services agency providing consulting and technical project work. Over the years we have built hundreds of Django-based websites, APIs, and projects for our clients.

By 2019, our in-house hosting platform had become so advanced, that we realized it should be opened to the public and fill the last piece of the puzzle: a truly simple way of hosting Django. Further inspired by Tom Dyson’s lightning talk about Wagtail as a Service — it was clear that Django developers wanted a service like CodeRed Cloud.

We officially launched CodeRed Cloud in 2020, and concluded the beta program in 2021. We now have a permanent Free tier, and an Enterprise tier for businesses and governments with numerous Django and Wagtail sites.

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