Use a Custom Domain Name

By default, all websites on CodeRed Cloud have a CodeRed-provided domain such as Most likely you will want to use your own custom domain name.

Purchase a Domain

Domain names can be purchased for relatively cheaply (less than $20/year) from somebody called a “registrar”, such as Google Domains, GoDaddy, or NameCheap.

First, you must purchase a domain. If you would like to purchase a Domain name through CodeRed Cloud, please contact our support.

Connect Your Domain to CodeRed Cloud

Once you have purchased a domain, next log in to the CodeRed Cloud Dashboard.

Click Manage under the website you want to connect, then go to the Settings tab.

Under the Settings tab, click Add Custom Domain.

  1. Enter both the subdomain (optional) and the domain name you wish to use with your website.

    Domain connect screenshot

    Custom Domain settings in the CodeRed Cloud Dashboard


    For improved availability, browser compatibility, and SEO, we recommend using the www subdomain in place of a “naked” or “apex” domain. For example, is preferable to CodeRed Cloud will automatically redirect any traffic from a naked domain to the www subdomain when the www subdomain is used.

  2. Next, update your DNS records using the values provided in the dashboard. If your domain is registered with one of the following providers, click the link below to get specific instructions for setting your DNS records:

    If your registrar is not listed, or you need help updating your DNS, contact our support.

  3. Finally, once your DNS has been updated, click Set Custom Domain. If the DNS changes are verified, your site will be re-deployed under the new domain name. You will receive an email when the deployment is complete.


    DNS changes can sometimes take up to 24 hours to propagate. If you successfully updated your DNS records, but are getting errors in the dashboard, please try again in an hour to give the DNS changes time to propagate.

    If you get an SSL error in the browser when visiting the site immediately after the deployment finished, please wait up to 5 minutes and try refreshing your browser. If the SSL error has not been resolved within 5 minutes, contact CodeRed support. This is due to the fact that CodeRed issues and verifies an SSL certificate for your domain on your behalf, and issuing the SSL certificate for the first time can take a few minutes.