How to Delete a Website from CodeRed Cloud#

You can now easily delete a website and cancel your credit card subscription from the CodeRed Cloud Dashboard.

First, log in to the dashboard at Then click on the website you’d like to delete.

Before you delete your website, note that this is a PERMANENT and IRREVERSIBLE operation. It is recommended to first download a backup from the Backups tab.

Go to the Settings tab. At the bottom of the tab, click the Delete Website button.

This will open a prompt asking you to confirm the deletion. Deleting a website will:

  • Take the website offline immediately.

  • Cancel your credit card subscription (if applicable). Note that any unused time or services are non-refundable.

  • Permanently delete all backups of the website.

Screenshot showing how to delete a website.

After deleting the website, you will still be able to download past invoices under the Billing & Access area.