Reset your CodeRed Cloud Database

Sometimes during initial website development or migration to CodeRed, it is necessary to “start over” and wipe your database clean. CodeRed has a Reset feature which does the following:

  • Perform a SQL DROP statement on your database, which totally deletes all data from your database.

  • Perform a SQL CREATE statement to make a new database, containing no tables or data.

  • Resets all user permissions and access on the new database.

To perform a database reset, select your website from the CodeRed dashboard, select the Database tab, and click Reset Production/Staging Database


This will totally destroy your entire database hosted on CodeRed and all data in it. Normally this is fine if you have not yet migrated your live site to CodeRed, but if you have any important data, be sure to back it up first.

If you accidentally reset your database, CodeRed support can restore it from a previous daily backup. See your available backups under the Backups tab.