CodeRed Email Sending Service#

Why did I receive a message from “”?#

“” is the built-in email sending service included with CodeRed Cloud web hosting. Websites hosted on CodeRed may send password resets, notifications, etc. from an email address that looks like This email domain is set up to reliably deliver our customers’ email and avoid spam.

When clicking links in an email message, always review the link and make sure it is going to the correct website you are expecting an email message from.

If you received a spam message from “”, please report it by forwarding to

For Website Owners#

Using the CodeRed Email Sending Service#

Most websites can be easily configured, or are configured by default, to send mail via the built-in email sending service.

How It Works#

Websites may use the sendmail program located at /usr/sbin/sendmail in the usual manner to send mail. The sendmail program provided by CodeRed may re-write the “From” name or other headers of messages to improve deliverability and accurately reflect the sender. It then logs the message to file, and sends the message via a pre-configured SMTP server which is operated by CodeRed.


The built-in email service is only for low-volume transactional messages. Any site found to be abusing the service by sending high volumes of mail or malicious messages (such as spam or phishing) may incur service suspension or additional charges per CodeRed Cloud Terms of Service.

Auditing Sent Messages#

The CodeRed email sending service logs every outgoing message for 30 days, to help you troubleshoot and audit your website. Outgoing messages can be viewed via SFTP in the /log/cr-sendmail/ directory.

Custom Email Domain#

If you wish to send mail from your own domain (for example or send a higher volume of mail, we recommend using a 3rd party email service such as SendGrid, MailChimp, or Mailgun.