CodeRed Cloud Error Codes#

CodeRed web servers try to provide uniform and helpful error messages when an error is generated by our platform. These do not include error messages generated by your website (custom 404, 500, etc.) as those will always be shown exactly as-is.




Access Denied

This occurs when an IP address has been blocked by CodeRed sentinel protection. Often times, malicious botnets will try to penetrate or probe your website. CodeRed automatically detects this activitity and temporarily blocks the IP address for a short period or until it ceases malicious behavior. Certain pages, such as login pages, Django/Wagtail/WordPress admin, etc. are carefully guarded and may be triggered by too many login attempts in a short period of time.

This error can also occur if the website owner has denied access to your geographic region. For example, some websites may not be available outside of the United States.

In rare cases, normal behavior may be denied, such as a web crawler crawling the site too quickly, or a client exceeding the rate limit on an API endpoint.

If you get this error, please wait a few minutes and try again.


File Not Found

The file could not be found in the app’s STATIC_ROOT or MEDIA_ROOT directories.

During deployment of a Django site, CodeRed reads your settings file (project/settings/ or project/settings/ and wires up a separate process to serve files matching STATIC_URL from STATIC_ROOT, and MEDIA_URL from MEDIA_ROOT.


Payload Too Large The request payload (usually caused by a file upload) is too large and cannot be accepted by the server. The maximum request size allowed by CodeRed Cloud is currently 64 MiB.

If you are the site owner and your users need to upload very large files (such as videos, zip files, etc.) you may need to employ a chunked file upload mechanism, or use a file sharing service (such as DropBox, Google Drive, YouTube, etc.).

If you are the site owner and trying to upload files for use as downloads, mirroring, etc. then you can upload the large file directly using SFTP (see How to Transfer Files with SFTP).


Bad Gateway

This occurs when a website is hosted on CodeRed, but the website backend is down. For example, during a deployment or reboot, the site may be temporarily unavailable for a few seconds as the new code or updates are deployed. In rare cases, a Python-based site deployment may take several minutes if there is a large number of pip packages to install, or if the pip packages are being downloaded and installed from Git repositories.

If this error persists for more than a few minutes, contact CodeRed support to troubleshoot the site deployement.


Service Unavailable

This occurs ff a domain name is pointed to a CodeRed web server, but that site is not configured on our platform. If you are getting this error, the site’s DNS may not be set correctly or may not have finished propagating after a change.


Gateway Timeout

If the site is taking too long to respond, it will timeout. This most frequently happens if the URL has triggerd a long-running operation such as a slow database query, an import/export, etc. Note that the long running operation will continue running in the background even after this error is shown. If you are a developer and experience this error on your site, consider performing the long-running operation over SSH, via a cron job, or implementing a task queue.

On rare occaisions this may happen under a large volume of traffic from many different IP addresses, such as during a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS).

If you experience this error frequently, contact CodeRed support to troubleshoot.


Deployment Error

On Python-based sites, this error may occur if the WSGI server is unable to start your Django project. Common causes include syntax errors or missing imports in your settings file (project/settings/ or project/settings/, a missing project/ file, syntax errors in your project/ file, or a missing requirements.txt file.